Reimbursement request and
direct deposit registration

Are the costs incurred as a result of an accident at work? yesno
Are the costs incurred as a result of an automobile accident? yesno

Details of the member

Incurred expenses

Submit a claim for your Cost Plus or Health Care Spending Account: :

  • If your insurance contract does not cover the submitted expenses, attach the original of each receipt. If it's a claim for dental care, please attach the dentist form duly completed.
  • If your insurance contract covers part of the submitted expenses, attach a copy of each receipt and the payment slip of insurer.

Submit a claim for your Ded/co:

  • Attach a copy of each payment slip from the insurer detailing the deductible and/or co-insurance
Individual Name Date of birth Total

Pre-authorized Registration

Electronic copy of voided check

Transmission of receipts

Attach a copy of all your receipts

  1. With the voided check, I authorize Interfas inc. to make deposits in my bank account.
  2. Please note that the reimbursement of benefits by check is made on the last Friday of each month.

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