Specializing in the area of group benefits administration, Interfas is your partner of choice for optimizing the management of your group insurance program. When dealing with our organization, you will be supported by a dedicated team attentive to your needs and you will have access to a technology platform that simplifies the transactions relating to group insurance plan administration.

A team dedicated to your satisfaction

Interfas’s unique, innovative concept lies in providing you with a one-stop site to manage and administer your group insurance plan. When using our services, you’ll no longer have to fight with insurance companies tooth and nail to get your questions answered or to resolve contentious cases.

We provide you with a team of multidisciplinary professionals who are able to support you and obtain all the information you need to administer your group insurance plan. Whether you need help with a disability claim for one of your employees, or whether you have a general question about your group plan’s coverage, a problem with an employee’s claim, etc., we are there to assist and make your job easier for you!

Interfas offers unparalleled service in the following situations:

  • Questions and issues relating to your group plan benefits
  • Tax aspects of your policy
  • Guidance in disputes with an insurance company
  • Disability management
  • Payroll deductions and taxable benefits
  • Tax report (annual Health costs, cumulative taxable benefits)
  • And much more


Management of multiple-carrier programs

With Interfas, it is now possible to combine several carriers under the same group insurance plan. Indeed, our technology platform lets you split your plan benefits among different insurance carriers while using a single transactional site, a single invoice and a single, personalized customer service area. In direct electronic contact with insurance companies, Interfas exchanges information with the different carriers that underwrite your group insurance plan; it’s that simple and effective!

Our multiple-carrier programs are cost-effective, as they allow companies to pick and choose the insurance carriers offering the best rates for each of the coverages under their group insurance plan.

In association with its partners, Interfas also lets you take advantage of the many volume agreements it has with insurers, giving you enhanced benefit coverage while enjoying considerable premium savings.

Technology platform

We are proud to provide you with a universal technology platform that will put you in touch with all insurance carriers. You’ll no longer need to combine an insurer’s management system and independent calculator to obtain the amount you are required to withhold from your employees’ pay. Our clients use a single transactional system allowing them to make all the changes relating to their group insurance plan and providing, via a single site, all the financial information they need for payroll deductions in consideration of tax optimization. In addition to being a centralized tool, our technology platform provides you with access to a multitude of tax reports, such as cost simulations, and immediate assistance should the need arise.


Interfas Group Benefits Administrator produces a report detailing each employee’s premiums calculated monthly or prorated. This report is produced in real time and avoids back payments and adjustments to plan members’ pay.

Optimal flex plan management

On the cusp of the latest trends in group insurance, Interfas has developed tools that will allow you to offer a flexible benefits (“flex” or modular) plan to your employees, without making your administration more cumbersome. By offering flexibility to your group insurance plan, you’ll be able to meet the individual needs of all your employees and thereby increase their general appreciation of your group benefits package.

Simplicity when changing insurers

Is changing insurance companies a headache for your organization? We have the solution! With Interfas, this task is now child’s play, since all the information housed in our technology platform will be transmitted electronically to the new provider in the event of a change of insurers, without your having to make any submissions whatsoever. This means you’ll no longer have to follow up with your employees to obtain their enrolment applications and spend countless hours on validating the information transmitted to the new insurance company. After changing insurers, our clients continue to perform transactions via the same technology platform and pursue their relationship with our same customer service team. The business relationship of trust that you have forged over time with our team survives the change, and you will not need to familiarize yourself with new tools or meet with new players. This undeniable Interfas advantage lets you save precious time when changing insurance providers and avoid the delays that normally occur as a result.

Insurance certificates in your company’s image

We are aware of the pride you take in your company’s image, so Interfas lets you place your company’s logo on the insurance certificate issued to your plan members.

Liability insurance for group benefits administrators

You can sleep tight, as Interfas provides no-charge professional liability coverage that protects your company’s group benefits administrator in the event of an error or omission in the management of your group insurance program.

Health Care Spending Account

A Health Care Spending Account (HCSA) is a means of providing your employees with the coverage they want by using employer-allocated amounts to pay for medical expenses not covered by the group insurance plan. Interfas is able to assume comprehensive administration.

Policyholder Insured
Provide your employees with the coverage they want 100% reimbursement of eligible medical expenses as defined by the Income Tax Act
No impact on the group insurance plan’s health claims experience Flexibility in use of allocated amounts
Staff retention Gratitude towards employer


Example of Covered Expenses
Deductible and co-pay Items excluded owing to maximum benefit under group insurance plan
Eye exams, eyeglasses, contact lenses Hospital expenses
Dental treatment Massage therapy

Quarterly health journal

Every three months, our clients receive a bulletin discussing a variety of health and wellness topics. Your employees will therefore have access to useful information promoting healthy lifestyles.

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